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Smaller Albion Online Guilds And Alliances

What a total joke lol 30% reduction would be okay but even with that number i'd make them able to send out every 6 hours. The costs of the house upgrade and furniture is huge. I really hope they aren't this stupid. Gathers already have it hard enough the books was the only thing that made it worth it.

It's already a huge risk one takes unless you're in a zerg then life is a bit easier as always.This change just promotes being in a zerg Albion Online Silver alliance all the more something most of their changes seem to be pushing for.Just imagine how stupid these changes will be with the stone gathering too and fame books lol this game may never be right I swear.

If you want to encourage open world pvp and large number of gvg you would want there there to be more mats not less. Sure maybe you could slow down things at tier 5 and more at 6 7 8 but lol at this across the board nerf.Labors are of the of the few way smaller guilds and alliances can try and keep up with the zergs alliances out there. Which I predict are only going to get worse as the game goes on.

Also if you reduce it by 1/3 the fame you might as well take stone laborers out of the game because unless you are hitting T7 rocks it won't be worth it. Even if you are hitting those high teir rocks think of the risk involved you got a 500k Cheap Albion Online Gold tool. And the patch will only make the price of everything go up to boot. Which means less items in game period as well.

I don't know what you wouldn't scale the number of mats down say after teir 4.

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