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Please Nexon, raise the daily cap for Blue Boxes or do an Event that gives at least 600 more coins or lower the price for the Android to 2k. Don't this to us please.

Can't agree with the "most players" statement, as I think there are a lot more players who would wait until the last few days to plan on their purchases, as you won't know how many coins you'll have until the very end.But I would like to see more ways to get coins or that the blue boxes drop more often, as it takes about 200-250 MS Mesos boxes to get 60 coins, and the blue boxes doesn't drop as often compared to the santa boxes. Oh, I know, the rewards for the bell should be the reboot coins instead of those obsolete 60% or dark scrolls.

They always do this with the coin boxes, at start of event there'll be many options to get a lot of coins then as time goes, event ended and the option to get coin lessens.
Whenever there is an issue with coin shops or event items I would always advice to be patient with Nexon and save the items, if you can. I understand that not everyone has the inventory space for that in some contexts, but as a general rule don't spend coins or drop quest items when we are waiting for a fix/update.

Forgive me if it sounds like im rubbing it in, that's not the intention. Also I totally understand that this is/was confusing, because we didn't know what was going to happen. I'm not blaming you or anybody else that thought this wasn't getting fixed and spent their coins, im just saying that its good advice to wait until the shop is going away before spending the coins. Also like, if i say im optimistic about something getting fixed that probably Cheap MapleStory Mesos means it will be fixed but i cant flat-out say that because if im wrong (or things change at the last minute) I am giving people false hope and will be in trouble *nervous laugh*

We can always hope this event returns next year, honestly I am kinda over happyville anyways (bring back the Ice chair please). I wouldn't mind this event running again, I really enjoyed it.

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