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Gathered Hundreds Of Albion Online Resources

I've been playing two accounts this test so far sometimes at the same time. and I'll explain why.On my main account I have my main character, he is the guy I pvp and pve with. He also is my gatherer because it would take too long to level another guy to kill the mobs around the resources I need to gather.

On my second account I have have a refiner/crafter. That just sits on the guild plot and does nothing else.Now the reason for having them on two separate accounts is simple. I can trade between my main account and second account much easier, rather than having 3rd party assistance, whether it be another player to hold the items until I logg off and log back on, or having to use a chest to deposit and then withdraw from.

When I play them both at the same time, it's usually because I've gathered hundreds of resources with my main traded them to my Albion Online Power Leveling alt. That way instead of sitting around for ever waiting for the ungodly long refining time, I have leave that character doing that while I can do something fun on my main.

Now if it was made that all characters on the same account have shared bank space (still local to each zone) probably wouldn't have two accounts.

With the learning point system and the amount of fame need to grind it out straight out. I'm forced to play multiple characters just to gather 3 resources and craft 2 items. I'm ocd and doing this annoys me because I like everything to be on guy. Being able to gathering 3 things and crafting two items is not a outrageous request. But if I wanted to get to a thing above t4 anytime soon this is the way you have to do it.

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