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I guess we are also testing over the holiday period and I know for myself I have not put in as much as I normally would because I want to see family etc.

I certainly accept the boost in being able to test other gear rankings as well ... for example I am a curse man and have been since it was really shit, buy Albion Online Gold testing the higher tiers you can see a jump in usefulness, for eg <t6 one hander do not even bother versus a 5.2 but once you see the t7 with off hand and work out how play ... well then its a good weapon if I just keep it g rated

its not really about progression, my post is more about the lack of things to do, and with such dramatic changes people dont want to invest time into the game to theorycraft stuff cause there is a high possibility that it will all be different Cheap Albion Online Gold come release,i just want certain things to be set in stone, and to the guy said who said ''what did you expect its a closed beta'' well this is meant to be the last test before release, so big changes should not be happening right now, CBT is a time for small number balancing and skill adjustments, not complete core changes to the game in terms of progression and the destiny board.

The most importent point to evaluate the DEV team, and the future for the game is how they manage to update the game with new and interesting content.

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