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Advantages and disadvantages of co-education

There are different types of the education system in a world, one is separate education system where boys and girls study separately from one another and other is a co-education system where they both study together. Co-education is the most popular education system in the majority of the world but in some countries, it is not used at all because of religious reasons. Like separated education system, it also has some advantages and disadvantages that we will discuss below. 

Advantages and disadvantages


  1. When both male and female study together so they get to know each other’s natures which helps them in understanding and accepting the difference in both and helps them in respecting each other.
  2. When both male and female study together so it helps them in developing self-confidence, this is a great benefit because in the working environment both have to work together and if workers haven’t studied from co-education system then because of lack of confidence they face difficulty in doing a work effectively in such atmosphere.
  3. With the help of co-education, we can improve the class atmosphere because when both are together so they speak and behave carefully.
  4. In co-education, both study together learns about each other’s ability and eliminate the gender bias which can solve the problem of inequality in a job environment.
  5. The another advantage of co-education is that it can save financial resources because when both can study together then there will be no need of buying separate buildings for each gender and extra teachers, that money can be applied somewhere else.
  6. Because of co-education system student can lose concentration in studies because of attraction to other genders which can decrease the learning of some students since their concentration will be far away from lecture and in the end, it will have a negative effect on the educational performances.
  7. Since they will be studying together so they might develop feelings for each other and might take some sort of immature action on those feelings which might be dangerous for both.
  8. Student might lose control and might do unethical stuff and crimes which can be dangerous for other students.


These disadvantages are the reason why still some people prefer separate education system over co-education system and for parents, their children are their world so they would never want to see their children follow a wrong path or see their children becoming a victim of unethical activity.


Even separate education has some flaws and faces similar kinds of problem that’s the reason why co-education is still the most preferred education system in the majority part of the world despite some flaws in it. The co-education system provides many advantages as well, it assignment help a student in understanding and accepting the difference in each other which helps them in treating each other with respect and helps them in working environment where they have to interact with each other on daily basis.





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