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a pair of care: soft keratin shampoo mask

wash your hair, put on a shampoo without sulfate at ph so as not to attack the fiber during washing. you can clean your hair with keratin stem intact inside the capillary. in addition, continue your process by applying a mask to the keratin, the range - keratin therapy of jean louis david, who will fill any gaps and ensure a perfect fit.

the dry and fragile, wigshumanhair curly hair need to be petted when sea water, sun and sand are acts of aggression. care, hair and accessories, find out how to take care of your curls to the sea.
moisturizing care leave

it is the necessary product that tends to be lace wigs uk dry hair. it compensates for the effects of sea salt and sun that worsen the dry nature of your curls. choose it with uv protection to protect your hair fiber length by feeding continuously throughout the day. in practice, he sneaks into the beach bag, as well as a sunscreen for dry or wet patches on hair after swimming.

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