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a pair of care: soft keratin shampoo mask

wash your hair, put on a shampoo without sulfate at ph so as not to attack the fiber during washing. you can clean your hair with keratin stem intact inside the capillary. in addition, continue your process by applying a mask to the keratin, the range - keratin therapy of jean louis david, who will fill any gaps and ensure a perfect fit.

the dry and fragile, wigshumanhair curly hair need to be petted when sea water, sun…


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where to buy the color?

where you find the greatest choice, of course, is in large area. but you can find happiness in pharmacies, and to offer the most parapharmacies products more environmentally friendly.

and the discoloration, what does that mean?

we find for a long time, or even several bleaching kits tie and dye (also called shadow hair). careful with these products, it is not very clear to make this a regular thing yourself. it is best therefore, try only to natural…


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that blond hair take comfort

that blond hair take comfort, camille deer now in the second year of school, is chosen to lighten her hair for the election. color is the author's long, the effect is natural. however, this is to honor the face as it was strategic. however, a beautiful brunette.

why this is her heart? and how is your commitment on a day-to-day basis.

bob sinclair: i think it is very important to engage in some cases. i'm a lot for the amfar, i also have children's day at roland…


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they reported on this diet conditioning

a lucky can get messed up by 100) used for the pros. they can also take advantage of free events, such as styling, bars, photocall, animation online, dj set, and cocktail party.

on thursday, 4 june, in paris and in the province from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

in 1500 shows in paris and the provincial partners (list available on the dedicated website shows)

What custom color do you want? so the hair contouring is…


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the beauty of a woman is to look

the beauty of a woman is to look for the code is the punk but without too much. the hairstylist moroccanoil, cim mahony, imagine a hairstyle that conforms to the natural hair of each model. all the girls are, therefore, their individuality and their specific strengths. on the other hand, each style is very matifié capillary with a moisturizer capping, a dry shampoo (soon to be sold in france), and a spray modelante…


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A woman is strong hair silky and thrives in movement

with beautiful and elegant gold headbands, or goddesses and tops go princess. baby headband on the head, the glueless full lace human hair hair with subtle sophistication, mimicking a jumble of branches and leaves of gold, which is part of the permanent collection of the king, where the gold is.

A woman is strong hair silky and thrives in movement, in perfect harmony with the sensuality of clothing that is sublimant lace…


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she had left her hair to a mermaid pixieish

between glamour and romance, hairdressers, took the time to make the image of many artists. marie gillain, a member of the selection board is so full lace front wigs human hair fancy hair through a bun with shell and louise bourgoin prefers to develop a short cut in a natural way. more than 30 people have been able to take advantage of the expertise of the french house.

a few days ago, the spanish version of vogue magazine…


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who has the most beautiful hair and makeup

the 69th cannes film festival was officially opened on 11 may. during the fortnight, everybody cinema took up residence on the boardwalk. every day, the step is the date. the stars, more glamorous, appear wearing their best outfits.

players come to defend their film, égéries or guests, the most beautiful women of the 7th art are more elegant. one who has the most wigshumanhair beautiful hair and makeup as it looks…


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