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Apr 18
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

How to pick a good smart self balancing scooter?

With the rapid development of science and technology, a new type of short distance transport - the smart self balancing scooter into the people's vision, a new era of choice for young people. But the balance…See More
Sep 28, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

How to Maintain your lovely hoverboard?

How to Maintain your lovely hoverboard?The Battery of Self balancing scooter is the most important component need to pay attention upon. Well-maintained battery may still in good performance during use 2 ~ 3 million kilometers; and bad-maintained battery may appear shortage of capacity or damaged after a use of few months.  Please do your best to extend your…See More
Sep 23, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

Daily maintenance of two wheel self balancing scooter k5

Two wheel self-balancing hoverboard’s main operation principle is based on “dynamic stability”, ie the vehicle itself would find it balance automatically. To Sense the posture of the vehicle via…See More
Sep 19, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

KOOWHEEL Hoverboard K5 gives you a different experience

  The riding is not over pedal domination, and the traditional motorcycle and Electric vehicle are appear. As a personal transport, speed is there, but the pollution problem has become the center of conflict. KOOWHEEL Hoverboard scooter K5 bring people to a new vision, energy saving and low carbon, to make an example on green travel.    Travel…See More
Sep 9, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

Koowheel Electric Skateboard daily maintenance

First of all, wheels are extremely necessary for E-skateboard. Therefore regular checking and maintenance are required for wheels. Especially wheel components should be sensed by hands for its firmness regularly. Way to do it is to shaking wheel along the axis of the wheel, if components shakes then it is considered as loose phenomenon. In order to ensure the safety of riding, we should continue to check the wheel screws’ tightening and only under screw’s fully tightness and the whole…See More
Sep 7, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

Don’t make these mistakes before you buy a hoverboard

Whether you are a green hand that want to purchase a smart self balancing scooter or novice, want the old driver, in the face of many models, many brands, are in need of some misunderstanding alert when Car Buying, so as not to buy satisfactory car. Below, by the KOOWHEEL company’s suggestion. Don't buy it at a glanceNo matter which brand you are loyal to, before you buy a new smart scooter you need to make a comparision with other models or brands,to determine which one is more suitable for…See More
Sep 5, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

KOOWHEEL Smart scooter D3 Change the world from details

Recently, Koowheel technology companies launched its own and a new product Electric skateboard D3. And past car balance different products, this new product is an electric skateboard, Koowheel D3 launch extends not only to extend the Koowheel company's products chain, but also make us to see that Koowheel committed to smart diversification concept…See More
Aug 31, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

The three tips on selecting electric skateboard scooter

Now more and more people have fashion and technology request when go travel, then electric scooter is a necessity in fashion group travel. But for most new products, the self balancing scooter price is more expensive, so we must be careful when we buy. We have summed up the three elements of purchase:1. Choose the famous brand.At present, there are many hoverboard scooter…See More
Aug 10, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

Koowheel intelligent glide technology leader in New Era?

A person's life contains many large and small travel, long-distance travel, people will take the plane, train or ship, some friends will choose their own car to complete the journey. However, the short distance travel means it is difficult to choose, walking is too tired, the volume of bicycle or motorcycle is too large, can not carry. When people are distressed that there is no a intimate short-distance transport, Jomo technology company independent developed Koowheel…See More
Aug 8, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

The balance scooter’s development in China

The balancing scooter was born in the early part of this century, the first smart scooter brand for the Segway, it was born the first is cause to Dean. Carmen Deka and the large medical equipment maker Johnson & Johnson subsidiary of independent technology, cooperation in the development of an automatic balancing type power wheelchair. Today, they are the main production of electric balance car manufacturers, but also the largest u.s..Although the…See More
Aug 3, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

Do you know this driving tips for hoverseat ?

Some driving tips for Koowheel hoverseat: 1: Power up: After installation of vehicle & after the rider sit on the seat and centralize the handles to adjust the Self Balancing Scooter to its balancing position, then power up the board &put the feet on the pedal then to control the self balancing hoverboard forward and backwards with operating handles. 2: Power off: Stop the board & find balancing of electric self balancing scooter then push the…See More
Jul 28, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

How to maintain your smart balancing scooter well

Though the smart scooter is small, but you should cherish too. After all, is your fashion travel artifact. In our daily life, the most common means of transport was diverse, such as automobile, motorcycle, bicycle. And these different types of cars have their own characteristics, for example, the bicycle is more environmentally and friendly, but the speed is slightly slower, and then for example, the car has tail gas, but the speed is fast. Like this kind of car all has the malpractice, then…See More
Jul 26, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

Travel artifact “self balancing electric scooter ” will change the life

A new type of intelligent vehicle, which is based on the principle of controlling the position of the aviation, using the fuzzy algorithm and the gyroscope system to realize the self balancing scooter, is now becoming a new toy for the young people. Whether it is in the early 20 students or office workers, are loyal fans of this smart balance scooter. …See More
Jul 22, 2016
Koowheelescooter posted a blog post

Ten big taboo to ride an electric scooter

Since the electric self balancing scooter as the current fashion green environmental protection means of transport, compared with other traditional means of transport, its light, small, fashion, to meet the needs of the daily white-collar workers. Recently, most of the young people to buy this stylish transport, now let me share the following ten points neet to be attention when you riding the …See More
Jul 19, 2016

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How about the safety for an adult riding electric scooter?

Posted on April 19, 2017 at 10:33am 0 Comments


Now the electric scooters has become a popular choice for leisure and fitness. The young people riding the electric balance scooter, can exercise balance and reflex ability, and can promote the development of the cerebellum and…


How To Ride Electric Skateboard?

Posted on April 19, 2017 at 10:23am 0 Comments

How To Ride the Koowheel  Electric Skateboard?

Turn on the Remote first and turn on the board to connect,

Stand like this, little forward, slowly push the button, here we go!

If you want to enjoy the highest speed, you can press 7 to unlock.

Find an open and flat area with a clean pavement for your first ride.

Always wear a Helmet. Please check the following video to get more…


How to pick a good smart self balancing scooter?

Posted on September 28, 2016 at 2:45pm 0 Comments

With the rapid development of science and technology, a new type of short distance transport - the smart self balancing scooter into the people's vision, a new…


How to Maintain your lovely hoverboard?

Posted on September 23, 2016 at 11:07am 0 Comments



How to Maintain your lovely hoverboard?

The Battery…


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